Publisher: Mendel University in Brno

Category: Monografie

Release date: 2023

Book size: 4,03 MB

ISBN: 978-80-7509-960-0

Last update: 24. 1. 2024

Book format: PDF

Cableways in forestry

Jindřich Neruda, Pavel Nevrkla, Vladimír Simanov, Luboš Staněk, Tomáš Zemánek

The publication Cableways in forestry discusses the basic technical solutions of cable transport installations, cables, chains and chokers. It also focuses on appropriate work procedures and work safety. At the end of the publication, the production program of the Czech cableways manufacturer Křtiny research station is mentioned. The publication is divided into seven chapters: Technical development of cable transport installations, Terminology, Classification of cable transport installations, Main parts of cable transport installations, Work technique at timber yarding by means of CTIs, Designing CTI and Cable transport installations of the Křtiny research station (Czech Republic). The publication is intended for the professional public and students of high schools and universities.

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