Publisher: Mendel University in Brno

Category: Monografie

Release date: 2023

Book size: 6,09 MB

ISBN: 978-80-7509-961-7

Last update: 24. 1. 2024

Book format: PDF

Harvesters and forwarders in forestry

Tomáš Zemánek, Jindřich Neruda, Pavel Nevrkla, Luboš Staněk, Radomír Ulrich

The publication Harvesters and forwarders in forestry discusses the basic technical solutions of harvesters and forwarders and their measuring and control system. It also focuses on appropriate work procedures and work safety. The publication is divided into five chapters: Short wood logging system as a starting point for the deployment of logging and hauling machines, Construction characteristics of contemporary logging and hauling machines, Control and measuring systems of logging and hauling machines, Planning of tree felling by logging and hauling machines and Felling and forwarding of timber by logging and hauling machines. The publication is intended for the professional public and students of high schools and universities.

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