Publisher: Mendel University in Brno

Category: Monografie

Release date: 2023

Book size: 5,58 MB

Last update: 24. 1. 2024

Book format: PDF

Tractors and skidders in forestry

Jindřich Neruda, Pavel Nevrkla, Luboš Staněk, Tomáš Zemánek

The publication Tractors and skidders in forestry discusses basic energy devices in forestry for mechanised ground-based timber skidding. It also focuses on appropriate work procedures and work safety with these machines. The publication is divided into six chapters: Classification of energy devices, Basic quantities of tractor mechanics, Basics of terramechanics, Basic principles of hydraulic mechanisms, Mechanized ground-based timber skidding and Occupational safety and health. The publication is intended for the professional public and students of high schools and universities.

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